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[0006] - Bahasa Inggris

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1. ID Mata Pelajaran  0006
2. Nama Mata Pelajaran  Bahasa Inggris
3. Jumlah Soal  50
1. Soal-Soal
No. Soal
1 The positive aspect of getting higher education for women is …
2 I really have to go now. I have _____ the doctor.
3 Why should we use face masks and respirators?
4 Genre -based writing means ...
5 People think that higher education is important for women because …
6 I dont have any results for you today. I _____ tomorrow.
7 I can meet you at Central Station. Will _____?
8 There are many very tall buildings in New York because ....
9 The text tells about ....
10 Paragraphs 2 and 4 mainly discuss about …
11 Our research facility is the best ……… to manage this project
12 It has been _____ that you have asked me the same question.
13 I hear you have started a new job. _____ like it?
14 These are the principles of cooperative learning, EXCEPT…..
15 The following statements are the characteristics of authentic assessment, EXCEPT:
16 Can you please tell me if________ in the sentences?
17 A : __________ ?
B : My mother was born on November fourth, 1970.
18 When a teacher makes a piloting in choosing textbooks, it means that the teacher is…
19 The complexity of listening materials is related to the following EXCEPT…
20 If we read a text just to find a specific piece or pieces of information in it, we usually use a sub-skill called:
21 In writing process, the next step after generating ideas is...
22 Materials evaluation measures the followings, EXCEPT...
23 High involvement speakers tend to...
24 In encouraging students to do speaking tasks, Engagement means:
25 Its probable that the next paragraph would discuss
26 The interference of lead in blood formation may cause....
27 Which of the following helps to create Earths magnetic fields?
28 The American ideal of equality means that:
29 The manager should……the procedure to reduce errors
30 The generic structure of description;
31 The main idea of this passage is that
32 The word distinguishing as it is used in this selection means
33 “The early settlers chose for their own island which they could easily defend.” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word has a similar meaning with ....
34 In encouraging students to do speaking tasks, feedback means:
35 The following statements are the characteristics of portfolio, EXCEPT…
36 One of the examples of extending activity in listening comprehension is…
37 After reading activities cover the followings EXCEPT:
38 People who have high considerateness styles tend to:
39 Benzene, lead, carbon monoxide, volatile nitrites, etc. are considered to be ... on the blood and other organs.
40 I would rather _____ a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe.
41 Below are basic reasons why a teacher should encourage students to do speaking tasks, EXCEPT:
42 The purpose of the text is....
43 In line 2, consisting most nearly means
44 The writer intention about the text is …
45 One of the objectives of textbook analysis is to encourage teachers to be …
46 Where is the seat of the government of the USA?
47 In finding out the reading attitudes, we can do the followings EXCEPT:
48 What is the text about?
49 According to the text air pollution ....
50 Parents are unenthusiastic to send their daughters to college because…
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